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Athol Fugard

Athol Fugard is arguably one of the greatest living dramatic writers. He has worked as a playwright, novelist, poet, actor, director, and teacher.

Born in Middleburgh, South Africa, Fugard's early work is political in nature and is largely written in opposition to the South African system of apartheid, a system of racial segregation enacted by the country's National Party throughout the second half of the 20th century. In 1959, he began to keep notebooks recording his dreams, ideas, observations, poems and stories, giving others insight into the life and process of a theater artist. Some of these notebooks have been published through the Theater Communications Guild while others have been archived at major libraries.

I can't think of a single one of my plays that does not represent a coincidence between an external and an internal event. Something outside of me, outside even my own life, something I read in a newspaper or witness on the street, something I see or hear, fascinates me. I see it for its dramatic potential. that external event affords me the opportunity to deal with what has been building up inside me. - Athol Fugard, Paris Review 1989

Fugard's later plays have tended to focus on personal rather than political issues. Several of Fugard's plays have premiered here at Long Wharf Theatre.

The following is a timeline of his work:

1956 The Cell

1956 Klaas and the Devil

1958 No-good Friday

1959 Nongogo

1961 Blood Knot

1963 People are Living There

1963 The Occupation: A Script for the Camera

1965 Hello and Goodbye

1966 The Coat

1968 Mile Miglia

1968 The Last Bus

1969 Boseman and Lena

1970 Friday's Bread on Monday

1971 Orestes

1972 Statements After an Arrest Under the Immorality Act

1972 Sizwe Bans is Dead

1973 The Island

1975 Dimentos

1978 A Lesson from Aloes

1980 The Drummer

1980 Marigolds in August

1982 Master Harold...and the Boys

1984 The Road to Mecca

1987 A Place with the Pigs: A Personal Parable

1989 My Children! My Africa!

1992 Playland

1994 My Life

1995 Valley Song

1997 The Captain's Tiger: A Memoir for the Stage

2000 The Abbess

2001 Sorrows and Rejoicings

2004 Entrances and Exits

2006 Booitijie and Oubaas

2007 Victory

2007 Visions and Dreams

2009 Coming Home

2009 Have You Seen Us?

2010 The Train Driver

2010 The Blue Tulip

2010 The Blue Iris

2010 The Shadow of the Hummingbird

2011 The Bird Watchers

2013 The Last Karretjie Grave


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