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Audience Feedback

"Completely blown away. A Beautiful, resonant, complex show. The staging was simple yet so effective. Directing was amazing and the actors were sublime. Bravo! Bravo!" Kate Dickie

"Glorious performance. Excellent and versatile actors" Anna Utiger

"Incredible and moving performance! Best show I have seen at the Fringe. Absolutely captivating" Julia Utiger

"That was totally stunning. Beautifully performed. Outstanding direction" Marco Alessi

"AMAZING. The actors were incredible and the performance was intense, enthralling and unforgettable" Alex Kane

"Loved it. Brilliant staging" Matthew Morgan

"Stunning and entirely absorbing. It has to win an award!" Sara Baromauski

"I thought that all the elements of the show were perfectly blended to create a moving story. The lighting and sound was used so interestingly and complimented the acting moments wonderfully. And, of course, the acting was AMAZING. The actors have such an incredible command of their bodies and emotions. I loved every second" Lily Hamilton

"Outstanding - the most moving piece in the festival. Fresh writing - clever storytelling and the performers transformations were amazing to watch. Would love this to be performed in the US" Kimberly Harding,

"Excellent storytelling, very powerful performances. Loved the movement direction and choreography. Very moving. Superb acting. Thank you" Tracy Burns

"Powerful, original and extremely moving. If these guys don't win an award there's no justice at the Fringe" Emma Diggory

"This blew me away. The performances were outstanding, the production, design, staging, music etc. worked so effectively. The style of narrative felt genuinely African and the way the narrative went from present to past was so clever. The two actors were unbelievable - one of the best things I have ever seen at the Fringe after many years" Peter Dean

"Stunning. A story of true Greek tragedy proportions but conveyed so sensitively. I've seen some great drama at this year's Fringe, but this has moved me the most" Richard Gray

"Physically powerful. Slick,. Each character choice was clear and didn't overwhelm. The vocal and physical energy told us the characters - delivered with strength and commitment. Thank you!" Alexandra Bond

"Beautiful storytelling. Beautiful performance. Blown away!" anonymous

"Fully invested, totally transformative performances. Storytelling transported me to their world and I was on board the whole time" anonymous

"Brilliant thought provoking drama. Deserves a Fringe First!" Fiona Henderson

"Absolutely fantastic show - best show I've seen. Truly amazing. Talented, heartfelt, emotional, beautiful. So SO GOOD!" Romee Krust

"Very powerful, very strong multi-rolling - simple set and very effecting engaging from the beginning. Well worth spending time on train with blisters. Also not been to Nigeria - but feel it encapsulated it creating an atmosphere of being there" Katie and Beth Smart

"Truly amazing performance and story-telling. Brought to tears" Steph

"Provocative, incredible performance. Brings to the surface the cycle of pain and destruction of lives and families due to difficult circumstances of work - torn communities. Very moving" anonymous

"Amazing acting and well through our story. It his every emotion. Will be back!" Jessee Gardner

Here's what audiences have been saying about our new adaptation of Chigozie Obioma's The Fishermen during our opening run at HOME in Manchester:


New Perspectives is an East Midlands based national touring theatre company, with a specialty in creating dynamic performances for rural audiences. We make ambitious and original theatre, focusing on new writing, adaptations and revivals, which we present in community settings and venues nationally and internationally. We provide career defining training and mentoring opportunities for emerging regional talent and manage the rural touring scheme Northants Touring Arts . 

Whether youre a theatre lover, rural champion, or believe in widespread access to the arts then please help us make our work. Like every actor on stage, or each word on the page, every donor plays a vital role, your support can make a real difference... Find out more

New Perspectives is a registered charity no. 1058309 


" radical...stimulating...compelling" 
The List

"The best kind of children's theatre"
The Stage


New production of award-winning film comedy by one of Finland's greatest modern storytellers.


Crossings will be broadcast online to mark the first collaborative tour produced by Pentabus Theatre and New Perspectives. Find out more here

Be Festival Mess Award winner Sisyphus is invited to Bosnia and Herzegovina's international festival in 2019. Find out more here