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Audience Feedback

"First of all, bravo, wonderful show. What beautiful images you manage to bring to life and an interesting take on the book. On a very personal note, I was very touched because I am Jean Moh's granson and it is very beautiful to a a theatre adaptaion of their work and friendship. All the luck, thank you for the show" Leo Mohr

"Excellent encapsulation of the book and lives - inventive, imaginative presentation - overall very moving, reading the text of what it could be like as a GP" E A Baily

"So powerful - brilliant - so moving" anonymous

"Simply brilliant!" James Hemsly

"Thoughtful and considered, interesting techniques with sound, silence, props and imagery. A book I love as a new GP and a worthy tribute to the fascinating relationship between subject and artist and doctor and patient. Thank you" Hannah Pedley

"Food for thought! Powerful. Realistic. Very well done. Might need the book now. Excellent performing!" Chris Weatherhead

"Wonderful performances and staging. Bravo!" Emma Sutherland

"Powerful narrative" anonymous

"Very moving" anonymous

"Excellent performance by both. A reflective insight. I will be buying the book as a current practising healthcare worker" Sue Rerene

"I knew the book, but this performance will take me back to it. I loved it. It makes me think about the changing face of medicine and all that is timeless about it too. Thank you" anonymous

"Excellent verbatim piece. The NHS of old - a goal for the future. Held the audiences attention right through. Well done and all the best of the rest of the Fringe" Tanna Jamalamadake

"Lovely! Very thought provoking, lovely blend of music and images. Thank you" anonymous

"I read the first edition as a young GP - the production captured the highs and lows of being a GP and the cost to the family and the person themselves" Stewart Baily

"Wonderfully creative and professionally done. A journey of John's life emotionally and factually told" Elaine and Dave Bradley


New Perspectives is an East Midlands based national touring theatre company, with a specialty in creating a diverse range of performances for rural audiences. We make ambitious and original theatre, focusing on new writing, adaptations and revivals, which we present in community settings and venues nationally and internationally. We provide career defining training and mentoring opportunities for emerging regional talent and manage the rural touring scheme Northants Touring Arts . 

Whether you’re a theatre lover, rural champion, or believe in widespread access to the arts then please help us make our work. Like every actor on stage, or each word on the page, every donor plays a vital role, your support can make a real difference... Find out more

 New Perspectives is a registered charity no. 1058309 


Mon 19 - Sat 24 August
Tue 3 September - Sat 12 October
West End, London
Wed 16 - Sat 19 October


Raw and poetic take on an economically divided world


A new fearless adventure
Unicorn, London
FrI 15 November  - Sun 5 January


True stories, skinned, gutted and served up in Cleethorpes...Find out more
Valentine Olukoga is joned by David Alade, star of Stomzy's short film Gang Signs & Prayer Find out more

New Perspectives and the Unicorn join forces to bring Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen's brilliantly subversive picture book to the stage for the first time Find out more

The Fishermen returns to Edinburgh Fringe as part of this years EdShowcase line up before a 6 week Trafalgar Studio run marking New Perspectives West End debut Find out more