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New York Reviews for The Lovesong of Alfred J Hitchcock

15 May 2014

The Lovesong of Alfred J Hitchcock opened the 10th Anniversary Brits Off Broadway Festival in New York earlier this month. Here;s what the critics had to say:

"[The Lovesong of Alfred J. Hitchcock] pries the lid off Hitchcock's psyche... There's cleverness... and pleasure in connecting the dots"
Rachel Saltz, The New York Times

"Entertaining and clever... An absolute must for any Hitchcock fan... A wonderfully researched Hitchcock homage."
Bess Rowen, Huffington Post

"Hitchcock's pysche is intriguingly explored... Smart and insightful... The company is excellent... Martin Miller - a credible Hitchcock."
- Alix Cohen,

"Rudkin's language vividly paints Hitchcock's dramatic images."
Hayley Levitt, TheaterMania

"Simmers with repressed passions"
David Barbour, Lighting and Sound Magazine

"Elegant... Engrossing... Pitch-perfect"
Everett Goldner, Indie Theater Now

"Tantalizing... Martin Miller is superb as Hitchcock... Roberta Kerr is dexterous as both wife and mother"
Brendan Lemon, Financial Times

"Martin Miller does a masterful job - a textured and tortured Hitch... Roberta Kerr is wonderful... Anthony Wise and Tom McHugh are first rate"

Jane Dentiger, NY Theatre Guide

"A well executed production... Martin Miller delivers a powerful performance"
Trista Lu,

"There's much to enjoy in this thoughtful play... Stands out within the genre of bio-plays... the audience response was a delight"
Juliet Hindell, Exeunt Magazine


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