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Corby based writer is announced as New Perspectives Long Play Winner 2015

12 March 2015

New Perspectives Theatre Company is pleased to announce the winner of Long Play 2015, the second annual full-length play writing competition for writers from the East Midlands. All entries were judged anonymously and after much deliberation, this year's winner is Vampire in Bradford by Corby based writer Azma Dar.

Artistic Director of New Perspectives, Jack McNamara explains,

'This year we received a record number of entries for Long Play and were privileged to read some very impressive new writing from this region. There will never be a typical winner of the Long Play competition, as each year we leave ourselves open to being surprised by a new voice or proposition. One of our main objectives as a company is to offer our audiences something we believe they will never have come across before. The winning play is a highly original take on the vampire genre which will certainly be a first.'

On learning news of her success in the competition, Azma remarked,

'The idea for this play came to me when I was visiting Bradford, driving around on the way to the shops. It was a very atmospheric evening - dull and rainy, and I was struck by the Gothic quality of the dramatic architecture. I was waiting at the traffic lights when a man crossed the road, laughing strangely to himself, and it was then that I suddenly had the idea of writing a horror/comedy set in the Asian community. I'm thrilled to have won the Long Play Competition and am really looking forward to working on the play with New Perspectives.' 

Azma has previously written full length plays including Chaos (Kali Theatre 2005), Paper Thin (Kali Theatre & Watermans Arts 2006) and Ode to My Sisters(Images of Elsewhere 2009), as well having rehearsed readings produced, a radio play and a short film. In 2007 she won the New Writing Ventures Award, and in 2014 she was a finalist in the Curve Playwriting Competition. She is currently writing a new novel and developing a play with Off the Fence Theatre.

Vampire in Bradford is the comic story of superstition and mystery in an unsuspecting Asian Community, where unusual murders are taking place. As the winning playwright, Azma will receive 6 months dramaturgical support for Vampire in Bradford followed by a public reading of the play.

Jack went onto say,

'I want to send a personal thank you to all of the writers who submitted this year. Competitions with a single winner are never accurate reflections of how varied and vibrant a new writing scene is. Companies like ours thrive on the talent in our region, so please keep writing - the Long Play 2016 competition deadline is only 10 months away!'


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