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Sleaford Mods vocalist plays Northants poet John Clare in epic Alan Moore audiobook

05 May 2021

Jason Williamson,  frontman of Nottingham electro-punk duo Sleaford Mods, will narrate chapters from Alan Moore's Voice of the Fire in a new audiobook to mark the novels 25th anniversary. Joining a cast that includes Maxine Peake, Toby Jones, Mark Gatiss, Aisling Loftus and Pamela Nomvete, Williamson lends his distinctive voice to two stories: the first as an ancient fishermen who loses his family during the Roman invasion of Britain and finally as the renowned Northampton poet John Clare. In his final chapter, The Sun Looks Pale Upon The Wall, Williamson gives voice to the inner thoughts of the poverty stricken Clare as he describes his doomed escape from an asylum only to be met by further incarceration in Northampton. In a story that captures both the rural beauty of Clare's poetry and the harsh reality of his mental health struggles.

Director of the project, Jack McNamara, said: "Voice of the Fire is a visionary piece of writing about the hidden spirit of place. I could think of no one better to be part of this epic project than Jason, whose Sleaford Mods is one of the most important and intelligent bands out there.  It is little surprise that Alan Moore has declared himself a fan, and so bringing Alan's words and Jason's voice together has been a thing of true beauty. Furthermore, to bring John Clare into the mix means we have three radical voices from this region coming together for the very first time. This is definitely 19th century poetry as you have never heard it before."

New Perspectives is releasing this new audiobook of the critically acclaimed first novel from celebrated comic book writer Alan Moore to mark its 25th anniversary year. Set in the writers' hometown of Northampton, the work spans six millennia with stories packed with lust madness and ecstasy, with the final chapter narrated by the cult author himself. 
Writer Alan Moore said, "After 25 years, not only does this novel finally have a voice, it has a heavenly chorus of them. I couldn't be more excited about this stupendous project. I'm fired up."
Alan Moore is a prolific writer of comic books, including Watchmen, V for Vendetta and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and worked with DC Comics on major characters including Batman and Superman.

The chapters will are narrated by:
Hob's Hog - Tom Edward-Kane
The Cremation Fields - Maxine Peake
In The Drownings - Jason Williamson
The Head of Diocletian - Nathaniel Martello-White
November Saints - Pamela Nomvete
Limping to Jerusalem - Toby Jones
Confessions of a Mask - Mark Gatiss
Angel Language - Jonathan Slinger
Partners in Knitting - Aisling Loftus
The Sun Looks Pale Upon the Wall - Jason Williamson
I Travel in Suspenders - Tom Edward-Kane
Phipps' Fire Escape - Alan Moore

Directed by Jack McNamara
Composer and Sound Design by Adam P McCready
Vocalist Sharon Gal
Voiceover Grace Cordell

The audiobook will be available to purchase on multiple platforms from late May - links will be added to the website in due course.


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