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(L-R Rashilah James, Donna Briscoe-Greene and Ravelle-Sadé Fairman at The Maypole Theatre Bar and Cafe in Derby)

Hi, I'm Donna Briscoe-Greene Award winner of the 2019 Black Achievers Award for Culture, Media and the Arts and I recently became the Landlady of Pub Theatre The Maypole Cafe Bar and Theatre

The only Black Woman in the UK (I think to be running one) and I am super proud to be spearheading this type of space in Derby. As through the company I founded EMBAA CIC (East Midlands Black Arts Associated) I am able to work at supporting the decolonisation of the Arts scene locally through consultancy, performance and audience development, as well as training and or mentoring.

And because I love to sing I am honoured to be invited to perform in new spaces which for me also ensures African and Caribbean Arts and Culture continues to be explored, reframed, re-evaluated and seen.



What defines us?
My story began moments before parents evening, in a busy school corridor, at the tender age of eight. I confessed that I wanted to be a dancer and - to my relief - mum was supportive. Hope flourishes and life becomes exciting, but over the course of time, inner conflict occurs in the form of negative, echoing voices from friends and foe.
Now, I define myself. I serve up a refreshing truth as I showcase the reality of being rejected from tables, and my motivation behind making the decision to build my own. Life has moulded me into someone new and I like Her.

The Songstress is a short film, details of its premier and release will be available soon.

 Donna Briscoe-Greene - Creator and Performer
 Ravelle-Sadé Fairman - Associate Artist, Writer and Performer
 A commissioned writer and voice actor for BBC Radio 4 and a Trustee for New  Perspectives Theatre Company, Ravelle-Sadé Fairman is a self-proclaimed 'accidental' Poet, Performer, Writer and Workshop Facilitator.

 Since realising the power of her honesty - during her first Open Mic Night and impromptu performance - Ravelle-Sadé has used her 'Poetic Perception' to normalise conversations around mental health and has been featured in numerous publications. She is a freelance   creative, based in Nottingham, who encourages self-belief and invites others to 'Validate their Voice', whether that be through her own work, or facilitating the work of others.

Rashilah James - Performer
Hello, I am Rashilah and I play Donna's younger self in The Songstress. Working with my Auntie (Donna) and Ravelle-Sadé on this project has been an eye opener. It has taught me so much more about Donna's past life and the trials and tribulations  she has faced. As the  writer, Ravelle-Sadé has managed to portray everything into a beautiful piece of film. I feel honoured that Donna asked me to be a part of it and it has been an amazing experience. It has helped me build more confidence for when I go onto my acting course with the  National Youth Theatre.managed to portray everything into a beautiful piece of film. I feel honoured that Donna asked me to be a part of it and it has been an amazing experience. It has helped me build more confidence for when I go onto my acting course with the National  Youth Theatre.
Ian Dearman - Filmmaker 
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