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Our Productions

  • Make Good: The Post Office Scandal

    To commemorate 100 years of rural touring, we're co-producing Make Good: The Post Office Scandal with Pentabus who are also celebrating their 50th anniversary. Read more

  • Where I Belong - A 12-part podcast series

    An exciting new podcast series which is a collection of short poems and stories from twelve writers living in two UNESCO Cities of Literature, Baghdad and Nottingham. Read more

  • Voice Of The Fire - An Epic Audiobook in 12 Parts

    Enjoy Alan Moore's place-writing masterpiece Voice of the Fire as a new 12-part audiobook for its 25th anniversary. Read more

  • PlacePrints - A 10-part Audio Series

    Visionary writer David Rudkin takes you on an enlightening journey across haunted landscapes across the British Isles in this 10-part audio series. Read more

  • Model Village (2023)

    Kicking off New Perspectives' 50th anniversary year, we invite you to the Model Village where model-makers Bob and Holly are joined by a radical urban artist to try and save the attraction. Read more

Supporting Artists and Communities

  • New Associates

    A year-long professional development programme is open to all artists and practitioners working in theatre and live performance, based or working in the East Midlands region. Read more

  • Open Pitch

    We acknowledge that there is creativity in everyone. Through Open Pitch we support unique individuals to tell their extraordinary stories. Read more