My story is the story of my Great Nanna, who was a hardworking, rough around the edges, no-nonsense woman in a pinny. Elsie Tanner Knew My Nanna charts the relationship through correspondence between them both. The story talks of a family secret, twists and turns along the way and the strong connection with many women of that time and the strong Northern Women of Coronation Street.

Elsie Tanner Knew My Nanna was performed by Caroline Beeson Spence in December 2021 at New Perspectives in Nottingham, The Albert Room at Cleethorpes Library and The Courtyard at Freeman Street Market in Grimsby.

Caroline Beeson Spence - Writer and Performer

I am a writer, poet and spoken word performer. I discovered this love of writing and performing through a local writing group, the Sun and Moon Festival. I loved creative writing at school and feel that I have had to live the life I've lived to come back to it with a rich tapestry of family stories and interest in local history. My interest in family history has informed much of my work as I am especially interested in the stories of my ancestors. I am also an archivist of family documents and photographs and these will add another dimension to my work especially when it is published.

Audience comments:

"A brilliant story, historical and colloquial with a performance by a naturally talented storyteller. Caroline really grips her audience. 5 stars."

"It wasn't just about family friendship, it was about womanhood across the class divide. The connection between working class women whose lives were different because of circumstance. Beautifully written and exceptionally delivered."

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