"I could watch this athlete of a man all day. I have seen a lot of circus - I have rarely been as engrossed in a man's relationship with physical objects, gravity and his body" Audience Member

"Simple, beautiful, moving depiction of endeavor - allows space to reflect and takes audience to a different dimension" Audience Member

About the play

"Sisyphus is condemned to live the same punishment day after day endlessly. No choice, no chance of escape. The more absurd the punishment, the greater the necessity to find a way to live it well." 

Thibault Delférière

Controlled physicality and masterful command are hallmarks of this performance piece created in a New Perspectives' collaboration with one of Europe's most distinctive disabled performance artists Thibault Delférière, with live improvisation from Sicilian guitarist Giuseppe Lomeo.

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"Heartfelt and high stakes, I found this beautiful" Audience Member

"Very intense and utterly engrossing and completely forgot about anything to do with disability, just became completely engrossed in the story" Audience Member

Cast and Creative Team

Director: Jack McNamara
Performer: Thibault Delférière
Guitarist: Giuseppe Lomeo


Following the 2017 premiere at Nottingham's Surface Gallery, New Perspectives presented Sisyphus at Birmingham's Be Festival where is won the Mess Award.

Banner image:Thibault Delférière. © Alex Brenner