Donna Briscoe-Greene

What defines us? 

My story began moments before parents evening, in a busy school corridor, at the tender age of eight. I confessed that I wanted to be a dancer and - to my relief - mum was supportive. Hope flourishes and life becomes exciting, but over the course of time, inner conflict occurs in the form of negative, echoing voices from friends and foe.

Now, I define myself. I serve up a refreshing truth as I showcase the reality of being rejected from tables, and my motivation behind making the decision to build my own. Life had moulded me into someone new and I like her.

The Songstress is a short film, details of its premiere and release will be available soon.

Ravelle-Sadé Fairman - Associate Artist, Writer and Performer

A commissioned writer and voice actor for BBC Radio 4 and a Trustee for New Perspectives Theatre Company, Ravelle-Sadé Fairman is a self-proclaimed 'accidental' Poet, Performer, Writer and Workshop Facilitator.

Since realising the power of her honesty - during her first Open Mic Night and impromptu performance - Ravelle-Sadé has used her 'Poetic Perception' to normalise conversations around mental health and has been featured in numerous publications. She is a freelance creative, based in Nottingham, who encourages self-belief and invites others to 'Validate their Voice' whether that be through her own work or facilitating the work of others.

Rashilah James - Performer

Hello, I am Rashilah and I play Donna's younger self in The Songstress. Working with my Auntie (Donna) and Ravelle-Sadé on this project has been an eye-opener. It had taught me so much more about Donna's past life and the trials and tribulations she has faced. As the writer, Ravelle-Sadé has managed to portray everything into a beautiful piece of film. I feel honoured that Donna asked me to be a part of it and it has been an amazing experience. It has helped me build more confidence for when I go on to my acting course with the National Youth Theatre.

Ian Dearman - Filmmaker

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