"...this production of two of Daphne Du Maurier's short stories engenders chills of disquiet... smart performances...sophisticated design...extraordinary score...haunting music...a chilling presence" The Stage

About the play

After the death of his wife, a long suffering husband feels a sense of freedom for the first time in years. But not for long. The apple tree in the garden has begun to flourish; growing and twisting into a macabre and all too familiar shape...
While on holiday, a neglected housewife begins a frivolous love affair with a local photographer. What begins as a harmless distraction soon becomes something more sinister...


"Absolutely riveting performance from both actors. Changes of mood were both dramatic and believable. I've seen pairs of short plays before, but never so specially crafted and linked, and never dramatically effective" Jane Beeley, Audience Member

"I thoroughly enjoyed what was a captivating production in a very intimate environment - the performances were faultless" Audience Member

Cast and Creative Team

Writer: Jane Upton (based on two short stories by Daphne Du Maurier )
Director: Jack McNamara
Designer: Lily Arnold
Lighting Designer: Mark Pritchard
Sound Designer: Adam McCready
Cast: Elizabeth Marsh and Anthony Wise


Toured: 9 - 15 November 2014

Banner image: Anthony Wise. © Julian Hughes